Croatia Airlines currently has the youngest fleet in the former Yugoslavia

Croatia Airlines currently has the youngest fleet in the former Yugoslavia with its twelve aircraft averaging only 9.6 years. While its Airbus jets are now approaching fifteen years of age, the carrier undertook a fleet modernisation program in 2008 by replacing its ATR42s with the larger Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft. The airline recently retired one of its Airbus A320s which has been scrapped in the Netherlands. Recently, Croatia Airlines’ CEO, Krešimir Kučko, revealed plans to expand the carrier’s fleet in 2015. 
The airline is looking at adding aircraft with the capacity to seat up to 100 passenger since they would be best suited to operate not only during the summer but also during the slow winter months. In addition, the airline says the aircraft would not be too small like the Bombardier Dash 8 or too large like the Airbus A319/A320 jets it currently features in its fleet. Croatia Airlines has four A319s on order, however, the carrier has delayed their arrival by several years and is looking at completely cancelling the controversial order. The current delivery date of the is now set for 2017 but is likely to be renegotiated.

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