Avião faz pouso de emergência na Itália após falha no trem de pouso

Um Airbus da companhia aérea WizzAir fez um pouso de emergência no aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci, em Roma, na Itália, após uma falha no trem de pouso.

O avião com 165 passageiros e cinco tripulantes tinha decolado em Bucareste, na Romênia, e deveria pousar no aeroporto de Ciampino, em Roma.
Por causa da falha no trem de pouso, o voo acabou desviado para o aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci.
Em nota, a companhia aérea afirmou que ninguém ficou ferido.
Accident: Wizz A320 at Rome on Jun 8th 2013, left main gear did not extend
Wizz Air Airbus A320-200, registration HA-LWM performing flight W6-3141 from Bucharest Otopeni (Romania) to Rome Ciampino (Italy) with 165 passengers and 6 crew, was on approach to Ciampino's runway 15 when the crew went around from about 1500 feet due to the left hand main gear indicating unsafe at about 07:20L (05:20Z). The aircraft climbed back to 5000 feet and entered a hold to work the checklists, the crew decided to divert to Rome Fiumicino because of the longer runways available. About 35 minutes after aborting the approach the aircraft performed a low approach to Fiumicino's runway 34R to have the gear inspected from the ground, which confirmed the left main gear had not extended. The crew climbed to 2000 feet and positioned for another approach to runway 34R with the left main gear not in the extended position. The aircraft touched down safely at 08:09L (06:09Z), the crew kept the left wing up as long as suitable, then lowered the aircraft onto the left hand engine, the aircraft skidded to a stop on its right hand main gear, belly (tail area) and left hand wing with the nose gear up in the air, and was evacuated via slides. Three people received minor injuries in the evacuation.

The airline confirmed the aircraft performed an emergency landing after the left hand main gear failed to deploy. The passengers evacuated via slides. Initially there were no reports of injuries, however a number of passengers received medical attention for obviously stress related symptoms and were quickly released. The aircraft is 14 months old and has last undergone maintenance at Lufthansa Technik in May 2013. The captain accumulated more than 12,000 flying hours with Italian Airforce and commercial airlines, the entire crew is based in Bucharest.

On Jun 10th 2013 sources told The Aviation Herald, that the procedures to carry out manual extension of the gear were obviously carried out correctly evident by the position of the relevant controls in the cockpit. Following recovery of the aircraft the outer gear doors could not be moved even with brute force.

Metars Ciampino:
LIRA 080715Z 34002KT CAVOK 22/14 Q1014 
LIRA 080645Z 02004KT CAVOK 21/14 Q1014 
LIRA 080615Z 03005KT CAVOK 20/15 Q1014 
LIRA 080545Z 01004KT CAVOK 18/15 Q1014 
LIRA 080515Z 03003KT CAVOK 17/15 Q1014 
LIRA 080445Z 04003KT CAVOK 16/15 Q1014 
LIRA 080415Z 00000KT CAVOK 16/14 Q1014 
LIRA 080345Z 02001KT CAVOK 16/14 Q1014 

Metars Fiumicino:
LIRF 080720Z 06006KT 020V100 CAVOK 23/14 Q1015 NOSIG
LIRF 080650Z 05006KT 010V090 CAVOK 22/14 Q1015 NOSIG
LIRF 080620Z 07006KT 040V110 CAVOK 21/14 Q1015 NOSIG
LIRF 080550Z VRB03KT CAVOK 19/15 Q1015 NOSIG
LIRF 080520Z 08003KT CAVOK 18/14 Q1015 NOSIG
LIRF 080450Z 07002KT CAVOK 16/14 Q1015 NOSIG
LIRF 080420Z 01002KT CAVOK 14/12 Q1015 NOSIG
LIRF 080350Z 35004KT CAVOK 13/12 Q1015 NOSIG

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