Asiana Airlines 214 San Francisco CRASH ATC RECORDING Original #EscutaAérea

Asiana Airlines Flight OZ214 / AAR214 RKSI-KSFO Seoul - San Francisco 
Fetched these recordings from LIVE ATC, Tower and Norcal Approach 18:00-19:00z

NTSB have now made a initial review of CVR data from ‎#Asiana Airlines flight ‎#OZ214.
Preliminary results revealed: 2 hour recording...good quality. No anomalies or concerns discussed by crew during approach to SFO. The flight was cleared for the visual approach to RWY 28L, which is confirmed by the crew. Target speed for the approach was 137 knots.

7 seconds prior to impact, a call to increase speed was made on the CVR.
4 seconds before impact, the stick shaker went live.
1.5-sec prior to impact, call to go around was made

-The accident happens at 00:34 ("what happened over there")
-At 01:02 the Pilot of the crashed plane contacts SFO Tower
-05:05 Comm between United 885 and Tower, Plane was holding at 28L infront of the crashed plane
-06:15 Recording from Approach/Norcal during the Crash

Planned Route acc. to flightaware
ENKAS G597 LANAT Y51 SAMON Y513 KMC GOC OTR4 TOPOS OTR4 PABBA OTR5 KALNA 4400N 16000E 4700N 17000E 4900N 18000E 4900N 17000W 4900N 16000W 4800N 15000W 4600N 14000W 4200N 13000W VESPA ENI GOLDN6

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