JetBlue And Delta Lead, While United Lags, In Customer Satisfaction Survey

A new survey says that JetBlue leads all airlines in passenger satisfaction for the third consecutive year, while Delta leads the legacy airlines as it continues a multi-year trend of sharply improving service.
United, however, ranked a distant sixth in the listing of six airlines, apparently as a result of continuing problems related to its 2010 merger with Continental, according to the survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index in Ann Arbor, Mich.
ACSI said Delta’s score has improved by 27% since reaching an all-time low in 2011, following the 2008 merger with Northwest.  Mergers historically have negative impacts on customer satisfaction, it said.
In general, however, “the ability to create a satisfied customer remains elusive for most airlines,” ACSI said, in prepared remarks. “Airlines score 69 on the ACSI’s 100-point scale, which anchors the category at the bottom of ACSI along with subscription TV, social media and the IRS.” ACSI annually uses data from interviews with about 70,000 customers to analyze customer satisfaction with 43 industries.
Major causes of airline passenger unhappiness included in-flight service and seat comfort, which scored 67 and 62, respectively.  Also, passengers who had to pay a fee to check a bag awarded the baggage handling experience a 66, while passengers who paid no baggage fees ranked the experience at 71.
On the positive side, passengers were pleased with the check-in process and ease of booking, which both scored 82.
The impact of mergers appears to have particular significance. With a 60, United ranked well behind the five competitors whose individual scores were provided. JetBlue had a 79, Southwest 78, Delta 71, while American and US Airways both scored 66. Overall, airlines scored a 69, the same as they did in 2013.
“Since United is so far behind other airlines in passenger satisfaction, it will not be easy to gain market share or to keep customers, especially when considering that 30% of (United’s) passengers (awarded) an ACSI score below 50,” ACSI said.
The 2010 merger with Continental “appears to play a role here,” it said, citing “frequent and continual problems with reservations and refunds three years after the merger are problematic.”
ACSI founder Claes Fornell said in a prepared statement that: “Southwest led the industry for 17 years until it merged with AirTran in 2011 and Delta is just now recovering from its 2008 merger with Northwest.”
ACSI noted that, “a long history of customer service problems and deteriorating passenger satisfaction following airline mergers suggest that the recent combination of American and US Airways could result in a similar downturn for the next year or two.”
As for United, spokesman Rahsaan Johnson said the carrier is making improvements, including customer service training for tens of thousands of employees.
“We invested significant resources in 2013 to give our customers an improved experience and better customer service,” Johnson said. “On-time performance is up, cancellations are down and we continue to introduce new products and services to give travelers more inflight comfort, better information and more control and consistency when they travel.”
Overall, airline passengers surveyed by ACSI awarded an 80 to website satisfaction and to baggage handling, and 79 to “courtesy and helpfulness of flight crews” and “timeliness of arrival.”  But quality of in-flight services got a 67
“Travelers are happy with airlines before they get on the plane,” said David VanAmburg, ACSI managing director, in a prepared statement. “Even areas that might be considered stereotypical customer pain points, like late departures and arrivals and baggage handling, score high these days.
“The one area that continues to plague airlines is the in-flight experience, which can really sour satisfaction with the airline overall,” he said.

As for other travel industries, hotel rankings fell 2.6% to an ACSI score of 75, with less availability and quality of hotel amenities, Internet service, and in-room entertainment, accompanied by rising rates as the economy improves.  The score for online travel companies rose 1% to 77, although consumers indicated it is often easier to book directly with airlines and hotels.

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