JetBlue flight attendant admits smuggling heroin from Colombia to Florida

A JetBlue flight attendant admitted she smuggled more than 2 pounds of heroin from Colombia to Orlando as part of an ongoing agreement with a friend to bring the drug into the country.
Carla Michelle Alvarado, 33, shaped the heroin to look like chocolates and hid the pellets under a body suit she wore beneath her uniform during the flight from Bogota, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Working in concert with federal agents after she was apprehended last September, Alvarado completed the transfer of the drugs to her accomplice, Jorge Luis Alomar, whom was to pay the flight attendant $10,000 for smuggling the drugs.

Cops also cuffed Alomar, who told investigators he had paid the drug mule for the transport two weeks prior, as well.

While searching his home, federal agents found 165 grams of heroin hidden under a carpet beneath a dresser while he had another 55 grams of the drug in a bathroom ceiling vent, the Sentinel reported.
Alvarado pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute heroin.

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