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LAMIA Bolivia RJ85 near Medellin on Nov 28th 2016, electrical problems, impact with terrain

A LAMIA Bolivia Avro RJ-85, registration CP-2933 performing flight LMI-2933 from Santa Cruz (Bolivia) to Medellin (Colombia) with 72 passengers and 9 crew, was descending towards Medellin about 15-20nm southeast of Medellin in the area of La Ceja (Colombia) at 21:56L (02:56Z Nov 29th) when the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. The Airport of Medellin reported a search was initiated and the crash site has been located in the municipality of La Ceja at the slopes of Cerro Gordo (approximate coordinates N5.9805 W75.4183), there may be survivors. Authorities confirmed 5 survivors (3 players, a flight attendant and a journalist) and 76 fatalities stating one of initially 6 survivors died in hospital care.

In a press release the Airport of Medellin reported further, that the aircraft had declared emergency with Medellin's Control Tower at 22:00L reporting electrical problems.

Colombia's Air Force have deployed search and rescue forces, the crash site located between La Ceja and Medellin is only accessible by land, helicopters can not operate due to low visibility due to fog. 

National Police reports 6 survivors.

Emergency services reported the aircraft did not catch fire increasing the chances of survivors. There may be up to 10 survivors.

Two players are already in hospital care in La Ceja.

Colombian Authorities reported the search and rescue was suspended over night, 5 survivors and 25 fatalities have been recovered so far. One of the initial 6 survivors died in hospital. No further survivors have been located, 76 occupants lost their lives in the crash.

Colombia's Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) confirmed flight LMI-2933 arriving from Bolivia crashed in the municipality of El Ceja. CAA staff including the director of the CAA have been dispatched to Medellin's Rio Negro Airport and have established a command post to address the situation. The aircraft had requested a priority landing, subsequently contact with the aircraft was lost. 

In the early morning hours of Nov 29th 2016 the CCAA reported, that an investigation has been opened into the crash, data and information are being collected. The head of investigation stated: "No existe evidencia de combustible en la aeronave" (there is no evidence of fuel in the aircraft).

The last transponder data were received from the aircraft at 02:56Z as the aircraft descended through FL155 about 11nm southsoutheast of Medellin's Rio Negro Airport.

A VivaColombia Airbus A320-200 registration HK-5051 performing flight FC-8170 from Bogota to San Andres Island (Colombia) was enroute at FL360 about 150nm northwest of Medellin at 02:11Z when the crew initiated a diversion to Medellin, turned around and descended to FL160 on the way to Medellin. The aircraft reached the Final Approach Fix for the approach to runway 01 at 02:45Z and touched down safely at 02:51Z.

CP-2933 was enroute at FL300 and started the descent towards Medellin about 80nm south of Medellin at 02:34Z. The aircraft descended to FL210 and entered a holding pattern south of La Ceja at 02:48Z, joined the approach at 02:54Z descending through FL190 and disappeared from radar at 02:56Z descending through FL155.

The aircraft was carrying the Brazilian soccer team of Chapecoense to play the finals of Copa Sudamericana 2016 in Medellin. The finals were suspended indefinitely as result of the crash. 

Rionegro Airport is at an elevation of 2141 meters/7025 feet. The VOR Rio Negro RNG is located on top of Cerro Gordo at an elevation of 2642 meters/8669 feet.

Metars Rio Negro Airport:
SKRG 290600Z 02003KT 9999 BKN015 BKN080 15/15 A3022 REDZ
SKRG 290500Z 04003KT 8000 -DZ BKN015 BKN080 16/15 A3024 
SKRG 290400Z 00000KT 8000 DZ BKN015TCU SCT080 16/15 A3024 RMK RERA 
SKRG 290300Z VRB02KT 9999 -DZ BKN015 SCT080 17/16 A3025 
SKRG 290200Z 00000KT 9999 BKN015 SCT200 17/16 A3023 
SKRG 290100Z 01003KT 9999 SCT017 SCT200 17/16 A3020 
SKRG 290000Z 06003KT 9999 SCT017 SCT200 17/16 A3019 
SKRG 282300Z 08005KT 9999 VCSH SCT017TCU SCT200 18/16 A3017 RMK TCU VCSH/SW/W 

As informações são"Os dados sobre o AVRO RJ-85 mostram que ele não teria autonomia para voar de Santa Cruz até Medellin".Sempre é citado o link de referência. The information is "" Is always quoted the reference link.

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