JetBlue's Neeleman to address successes, mistakes

Darien businessman and JetBlue founder David Neeleman will give a presentation titled "What Makes a Start Up Soar?" at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 19, at the Darien Library.
Darien businessman and JetBlue founder David Neeleman will
give a presentation titled "What Makes a Start Up Soar?" Wednesday,
March 19,
 at the Darien Library.
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This event is co-sponsored by the Darien Entrepreneurs Group and the Fairfield County Entrepreneurs Using Innovation for Success Meetup Group.
Neeleman will share the principles and practices that enabled him to launch four airlines in succession.
Best known in the United States for founding JetBlue Airways in 1998, Neeleman started Azul Brazilian Airlines in 2008. Azul flew 2.2 million passengers in its first 12 months, according to a release from the library. Azul has 9,700 employees and 830 daily flights to 103 destinations.
Before JetBlue, Neeleman co-founded Morris Air in 1984, which was sold to Southwest Airlines, and co-founded WestJet in 1996, which is the second-largest airline in Canada with 425 daily flights.
Neeleman will talk about how innovation in each startup has helped create win-win situations for crew members, customers and shareholders, through the use of new technologies, methodologies and improved ways of treating people. He will share how this process has enabled him to create jobs, while providing customers with service at the lowest cost.
He will recount what led to his greatest successes and mistakes and the lessons learned. He also will discuss the challenges facing entrepreneurs when their companies mature, and what core principles apply to the successful launch and expansion of any new venture.
The presentation will be followed by a business networking reception with refreshments.
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