Emirates flight turns back after door fault

An Emirates Airline flight from Dubai to Singapore was forced to turn back midflight after maintenance staff reported a problem with the aircraft’s door.
The Airbus A380 performing flight EK354 was approximately 80 minutes into its journey on 21 February when passengers in business class on the upper deck heard loud noises coming from one of the doors.
Crew descended the aircraft’s flying level to 20,000ft, before the Dubai-based maintenance team instructed them to fly back to Dubai, where passengers were transferred to a replacement A380. The flight eventually arrived in Singapore with a seven-and-a-half hour delay, the website Aviation Herald reported.
The site did not provide any further details on what the issue was and a spokesperson for Emirates did not immediately respond to Arabian Business’s request for clarification on the matter.
Early last year, a British tourist claimed that an emergency exit door on an Emirates A380 aircraft blew open at 27,000ft.
David Reid said in comments published by the UK's Daily Mailnewspaper that there was a "massive explosion" two hours into the flight.
Reid, travelling with his son Lewis, said freezing air rushed into the cabin after the door in business class came an inch and a half ajar.
Emirates denied the claim in a statement. “At no time during the flight did one of the upper deck doors open.”
“There was also no loss in cabin pressurisation at any time during the flight."
"This is currently under investigation in conjunction with Airbus. Emirates have now fixed the problem."

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