Pouso de emergência de avião de passageiros em Bermudas

Um Airbus A330 da companhia britânica Thomas Cook Airlines com 338 passageiros a bordo fez pouso de emergência nas Bermudas após na aeronave ter sido registrado um foco de incêndio.

O avião seguia da cidade mexicana de Cancún para Manchester, Reino Unido. Após a aterrissagem nas Bermudas, todos os passageiros foram evacuados do avião. Relata-se que ninguém ficou ferido.
Incident: Thomas Cook A332 over Atlantic on Apr 30th 2013, cabin fire
A Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200, registration OY-VKF performing flight MT-149 from Cancun (Mexico) to Manchester,EN (UK) with 338 people on board, was enroute at FL370 about 300nm southwest of Bermuda (Bermuda) when the crew declared emergency reporting an active fire in the cabin caused by some electrical system. The crew decided to divert to Bermuda later advising that the situation in the cabin had been brought under control, the crew no longer anticipated an evacuation but requested emergency services and stairs available for a rapid deplanement after landing, they would also be landing overweight. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Bermuda's runway 30 about 45 minutes after declaring emergency. The aircraft vacated the runway, stopped on the adjacent taxiway where emergency services checked the aircraft, the crew reported the situation on board was stable, they would like to taxi to a stand to deplane the passengers and then have an investigation for the electrical fire that had occurred on board. The aircraft taxied to the stand, the passengers disembarked rapidly.

Bermuda Authorities reported the crew diverted to Bermuda reporting a possible fire in the cabin, there was no fire at the time of landing 40 minutes later. 

The airline reported that during the flight from Cancun to Manchester a minor issue became apparent, the crew decided to divert to Bermuda as a precaution and to establish the extent of the issue. The passengers were taken to hotels and are awaiting their aircraft be ready for departure again.

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