ANA B788 near Takamatsu on Jan 16th 2013, battery problem and burning smell on board

The burned battery of JA829J, Boston Jan 7th 2013
 (Photo: NTSB)
An ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-800, registration JA804A performing flight NH-692 from Ube to Tokyo Haneda (Japan) with 129 passengers and 8 crew, was climbing through FL330 out of Ube about 35nm west of Takamatsu (Japan) when the crew received indications of battery problems, at the same time a burning smell developed on board. The crew decided to divert to Takamatsu where the aircraft landed about 14 minutes later. The aircraft vacated the runway, stopped past the hold short line and was evacuated via slides. No injuries occurred.

All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines have grounded their Dreamliners as result of the recent inflight incidents, see Incident: United B788 near New Orleans on Dec 4th 2012, electrical problems causing concerns of electrical heat on boardIncident: Qatar B788 near Doha on Dec 8th 2012, generator failure as well as an APU battery fire that occurred on board of Boeing 787-800 at Boston,MA (USA) on Jan 7th 2013.

The airline reported the crew received a fault indication within the battery system followed by a smoke detector indication inside one of the electrical compartments, there was no smoke visible in cockpit or cabin. The battery, same type as the one involved in the ground incident in Boston on Jan 7th 2013, was found discoloured and leaking, the battery obviously had developed high temperatures.

The NTSB is currently investigating the APU battery fire that occurred on board of JAL Japan Airlines' Boeing 787-800 registration JA829J in Boston on Jan 7th 2013 after the passengers and crew had disembarked at the gate.

The incidents prompted the FAA to conduct a review of the Boeing 787 design, manufacturing and quality assurance processes, the US Department of Transport and the FAA are convinced, that the aircraft is safe reporting they spent more than 200,000 man hours during certification of the aircraft.

Japan's Tranportation Safety Board JTSB opened an investigation and dispatched three investigators on site. The NTSB dispatched an accredited representative to Japan to join the investigation.

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