Lufthansa’s New Boeing 747-8I Now Flies to Sunny Los Angeles

The Boeing 748-8i taxied to the gate at LAX‘s Tom Bradley International Terminal under a celebratory water cannon salute. Upon arrival, the Queen of the Skies was greeted by nearly 200 customers, Lufthansa and LAWA staff, dignitaries and media. The arrival was followed by an elegant celebration of the continued partnership between LAX and Lufthansa.
“The selection of Los Angeles for our new flagship aircraft demonstrates the market’s critical importance for Lufthansa, which has had a presence in Southern California since 1960,” said Juergen Siebenrock, Lufthansa VP for the Americas. “The Frankfurt-Los Angeles route connects the world’s two largest and most influential consumer markets for entertainment products – Hollywood and Germany. LAX is also an active gateway for the pharmaceutical, IT, automotive industry and defence contractor industries, all of which are important customer segments for Lufthansa.”
Lufthansa took delivery of its first 747-8I in April of this year and began flying it to Washington Dulles in June. The carrier now has four of the jets in service, serving four destinations from its Frankfurt hub: Washington Dulles, Delhi, Bangalore and Los Angeles.
During the celebration Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Matt Karatz emphasized the modernization of Tom Bradley International Terminal. He stated that Los Angeles needs “airline partners to help improve LAX…to truly make traveling to and from LAX a world class customer experience.” He also mentioned the positive impact that an extra 40 passengers per flight the 747-8I (compared to the 747-400) can deliver to the LA economy.
Those in attendance also had the privilege to hear from the Dr. Bernd Fischer, Germany’s Consul General. Dr. Fischer spoke of the day as another great day in German-American friendship and emphasized the significance of the continued Boing and Lufthansa partnership.
LAX director Gina Marie Lindsay spoke on her theme of “Thank You” as she expressed great appreciation for the “long and storied partner Lufthansa German Airways.” She stated that LAX is now the “only airport in the western United States to have all of the new aircraft that have come into operation in the last five years; the Boeing 787, 747-8i and and Airbus A380.”
Finally, Mr. Siebenrock expressed great gratitude to the work of LAWA, the Lufthansa staff and the outstanding work of Boeing before he concluded the event with a focus on Lufthansa’s customers. “We have our customers in mind always. Los Angeles is home of one of Lufthansa’s most important markets, especially our premium customerrs… Lufthansa continually focuses on providing offering premium product offerings like the 747-8I.”
To conclude the event media and VIPs were allowed the opportunity to tour the aircraft. Lufthansa’s 747-8I has a very sleek and elegant design, seating 386 in a three-class configuration (eight First Class, 80 Business Class and 298 Economy Class). The innovative new “V” layout of business class allows passengers to always face the direction of travel while still being able to enjoy full lie-flat seats.
Additionally, extra care thought was put into the design of the economy class seating with small details such as moving the magazine pocket on the seat back higher on the seat to allow more leg room.
Lufthansa remains the only airline to operate the passenger version of Boeing’s largest jet ever. Of the 32 747-8I’s Boeing has sold to airline customers, Lufthansa is responsible for 20 of them, while Korean Air and Air China ordered 5 each and Nigeria’s Arik Air ordered 2.

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