Accident: Jetblue E190 near Nassau on Sep 3rd 2009, engine fire on approach

The NTSB released their preliminary report stating that the investigation has been delegated to the NTSB by Bahama's government. The engine was shipped to Orlando for further examination.

The NTSB said, the fire indication for engine #1 (CF34, left hand) occurred after landing, the crew shut the engine down with the fire handle and discharged one fire bottle, after which the fire indication extinguished. The airplane then taxied clear of the runway and the crew evacuated the 84 passengers via the slides on the right hand side. 6 injuries occurred as result of the evacuation.

A post flight inspection of the engine showed the engine nacelle had not been burned through, fuel staining/varnish was observed on the flap canoe aft of the engine exhaust, varnishing also was seen at the engine fuel injectors, external piping and thermal insulation blankets.

Thermal damage was found at the stage 2 high pressure compressor Variable Stator Vanes (VSV) from 2 to 11 o'clock. The damage involved the electrical harness overbraid with some minor blistering of the VSV flexible fuel tube fire sleeves. One of the fire loop isolators exhibited melting damage sufficient to trigger the fire indication. The isolator was located just above the engine combustion case at the 12 o'clock position.

A heavy fuel leak was identified at the High Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control (HPTACC) valve-to-rod end fuel line fitting, a B-nut, which is located at 2 o'clock. The B-nut was cocked on the valve male fitting and appeared to be cross-threaded. 3 to 4 fitting threads were visible below the B-nut. The B-nut had been properly safety cabled to the HPTACC valve flange.

On Dec 8th 2012 the NTSB released their final report concluding the probable cause of the incident was:

failure of the engine high pressure turbine active clearance control valve fuel rod supply tube coupling seal due to a cross-threaded B-nut as installed during original manufacture.

The NTSB reported that as result of the investigation, tests and research the production build procedure was modified.

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