Avianca Brazil A320 and Gol B738 at Salvador on Nov 9th 2012, go arounds due to passenger runway incursion

Avianca Brazil Airbus A320-200, registration PR-AVQ performing flight O6-6315 from Petrolina,PE to Salvador,BA (Brazil), was on final approach to Salvador's runway 10 descending through about 700 feet AGL when two pedestrians walked onto the runway prompting the crew to initiate a go around.

A Gol Transportes Aereas Boeing 737-800, registration PR-GUA performing flight G3-1697 from Recife,PE to Salvador,BA (Brazil), was on final approach behind the Avianca A320 and needed to go around from about 800 feet about 2 minutes later, too, when the pedestrians were still not clear of the runway.

Both aircraft positioned for another approach and landed safely about 15 minutes after aborting their first approaches.

Brazil's ANAC confirmed that the pedestrians, one of them being the governor of Brazil's state Ceara, had landed on a private jet minutes earlier arriving from Fortaleza (CE/Ceara). After the aircraft had stopped on the apron the two passengers disembarked on their own and being under time pressure to join a ceremony at the military apron on the other side of the runway walked across the runway. ANAC is investigating the incident, the pedestrians as well as the pilot of their aircraft are facing charges.

As informações são"The Aviation Herald".Sempre é citado o link de referência. O conteúdo é de Responsabilidade:Patricia McInnes


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